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BelAmi: Hans Lagerfeld goes a little kinky with Bruce Querelle

Last month we showed you Bruce Querelle‘s birthday lunch, so today we guess that this can be called his birthday fuck, and as a special gift, Hans Lagerfeld agrees to try thinks a little kinky.

Although it is Hans Lagerfeld who brings the handcuffs to use on Bruce Querelle, the tables are quickly turned when Bruce decides that he would like to lock up his buddy before fucking him… we’re sure it is something he must have learnt in the Foreign Legion.

Things don’t get kinky often here at BelAmi, so you will have to let us know if you would like to see a bit more of it. One thing we are sure that we would like to see a lot more of is Bruce Querelle topping as he does an excellent job of fulfilling Hans Lagerfeld‘ fantasy here today.

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