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Freshmen: Jean-Luc Bisset and Hoyt Kogan

The one trait that Hungarian Jean-Luc Bisset and Hoyt Kogan – who is of the Czech Republic – don’t share is a common language. They both possess super-model good looks and are thus confident in their abilities to turn on their partners.

Hoyt Kogan prefers to be dominant in his sexual relations and Jean-Luc Bisset is turned on by confident guys. Their commonalities make for an A+ Freshmen encounter with intense and sensual action that is a pleasure to watch despite there not being a single word spoken between them.

Fortunately, both Jean-Luc Bisset and Hoyt Kogan prefer kissing as their primary means of communication anyway. This scene was shot over two days with the first day oral and the fucking filmed on day two. While this is unusual, it did allow for Hoyt to have multiple cum shots.

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