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BelAmi: Jock Love – Steve Skarsgaard and Nils Tatum

Looking at Steve Skarsgaard‘s body you can tell that he spends a great deal of time keeping in shape. What you can’t tell by the body is that Steve has a special weak spot for the smell of a man, and quite often goes to the gym wearing his buddy’s shirts…. just so that he can keep smelling them while he works out.

Today though BelAmi‘s Nils Tatum has a better option for training than the gym as he directs his submissive buddy is a very personal exercise regime that involves a lot of fucking, sucking and rimming. Steve Skarsgaard‘s hole is so eager to be fucked that it opens invitingly whenever Nils start to lick. Not one to refuse such a kind invitation, Nils obliges Steve by giving him a thorough workout.

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